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As a means of addressing the growing problem of steroid abuse in our nation's high schools, the NFHS has developed a multimedia educational initiative called "Make the Right Choice." The initiative entails three items: a DVD containing two videos, two brochures and two posters.

The DVD contains two 10-minute videos. The first video is directed toward coaches and students, while the second one is directed toward parents. The videos include interviews with former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy and former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Trent Green. They also include Don Hooton's story of his son, Taylor, who tragically took his own life after suffering from depression following steroid abuse. Lori Lewis shares with parents how she courageously blew the whistle on her son and fellow teammates after finding anabolic steroids in her son's room. Finally, former high school, college and semi-professional football player Ric Dye shares his story of negative side effects he suffered from long-term steroid abuse.

The brochures include medical information about anabolic steroids, including quick facts and side effects, as well as measures that parents and coaches can use to deter steroid use.

The posters are directed toward specific genders. The boys version includes a photograph of a young man with a severe case of back acne that could result from steroid use. For the females, we took a slightly different approach by using a photograph of a girl with back acne, as well as a shot of a girl with facial hair. Superimposed over those two shots are written examples of possible negative side effects for girls.

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Boys Poster 17x22

Boys Poster 8.5x11

Girls Poster 17x22

Parent Brochure (PDF)

Student Brochure