NFHS Coaching Today

NFHS Coaching Today is the National Federation of State High School Associations’ new online publication for high school coaches. It replaces the NFHS Coaches’ Quarterly, which was printed for members of the NFHS Coaches Association from 1996 to 2010. The publication is available on the NFHS main Web site at www.nfhs.org and the NFHS Coach Education Web site at www.nfhslearn.com.

Features and department articles are updated monthly, with weekly updates of current news, coaching tips and much more. Articles are welcomed and guidelines for writers are contained in the Writer’s Guidelines area of this site.

Reproduction of material on the NFHS Coaching Today site is prohibited without written permission of the NFHS. Views of the authors do not always reflect the opinion or policies of the NFHS. To request permission for using any material on this site, or to submit an article for consideration, contact Bruce Howard, NFHS director of publications and communications, at 317-972-6900 or via e-mail at bhoward@nfhs.org.

Editorial Staff  
Publisher Bob Gardner
Editor Bruce Howard
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Coaches' Programs Dan Schuster
Publications Committee  
Bruce Brown, CMAA, Chair Ohio
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Kathleen Navarre Alaska
Tracy Neely Texas
Dennis Semrau Wisconsin